Harlan Campbell JR’s. Handicap and Doubles Trap My Way

Harlan builds on the fundamentals presented in the singles DVD by explaining what changes need to be made to your game while moving back on the handicap line. The second half of the DVD covers the exciting game of doubles trap. This is a much faster game, but with Harlan’s help and instruction you will find the game much easier. The hold points are different in doubles, but the EYE-Cam will help you understand the differences and how to move to the second target.

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Leo Harrison lll, The Biggest Winner

Over 40 years of competitive trapshooting has taught me what it takes to be an All American Champion. This DVD pulls together a collection of my personal proven techniques to help you consistently shoot "Singles for the Glory" and "Handicap for the Gold"
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Harlan Campbell, Trap Shooting My Way

Harlin Campbell, Trap Shooting My Way Harlin has been on the All American Trap team for years. Five years as captian. Shooting better is a choice and the choice is yours.
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Todd Bender's Championship Skeet

Todd is one of the best Skeet Shooters and coaches the sport has had. Sunrise productions and Todd have producted Todds best selling DVDs for the last 25 years. With the EYE-Cam you cans see what Todd see's. This DVD is a Two hour presentation on skeet.
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Ben Husthwaite's Method Star

Ben Husthwaite has coached and mentored over ten world champions, nemerous European and national champions, as well as helping recreational shooters achieve their personal best.ben's Method Star will give you the necessary tools to take your game to the next level.
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Your Extra Xs

Bruce Scott of Sunrise productions has been producing instructional video presentatios for almost 30 years. He shoots different groups of targets presentations found on most sporting courses. Eash shot is taken with Sunrise Production,s EYE-Cam
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