Paul Giambrone Your Foundation for Perfect Skeet

Paul Giambrone Your Foundation for Perfect Skeet
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Run Time: 133 minutes
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Paul Giambrone, lll, better known as LP, has been involved in skeet for over 18 years. During that time he has shot 16 perfect 400X400s, 5 of which were perfect 500X500s, and has 12 World Titles to his credit.

Paul is now coaching full time and is offering his knowledge of the game to help others take their game to the next level. Paul works with students who have never shot skeet to AAA shooters that have been involved in the game for years. No matter what skill level you are, Paul can help you learn more about the game and become a better shooter.

This presentation is designed to show shooters, both the basics and advanced concepts as well as some common mistakes shooters make and how to fix those mistakes.

The use of Sunrise Productions’ EYE-Cam ® allows the viewer to see and understand Paul’s every shot.


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