Todd Bender's Championship Skeet

Todd is one of the best Skeet Shooters and coaches the sport has had. Sunrise productions and Todd have producted Todds best selling DVDs for the last 25 years. With the EYE-Cam you cans see what Todd see's. This DVD is a Two hour presentation on skeet.
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Mastering Your Skeet Game with Paul Giambrone, lll

This presentation is designed to help every skeet shooter gain knowledge of the game of skeet, how to fix common mistakes and how to use the mental game to give you the advantage over your competitors.
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Don Currie's Target Tactics for Sporting Clays

Regardless of the technique you most often use to break targets with a shotgun, you will encounter a handful of target presentations that prove difficult to break. In “Target Tactics for Sporting Clays”, Don Currie rejects the premise that a shooter can break all target presentations with only one “stroke”. Just as professional golfers must be able to draw or fade a golf ball, sporting clays shooters need more than one technique to raise their game to a competitive level. Currie personally explains and demonstrates the seven target tactics you need for breaking any and all presentations on the sporting clays course. He guides you through target analysis, preshot planning, tactic selection and successful execution. From Battues to Rabbits to Chandelles to looping targets and long crossers…arm yourself with the tools you need to break more targets.
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Harlan Campbell, Trap Shooting My Way

Harlin Campbell, Trap Shooting My Way Harlin has been on the All American Trap team for years. Five years as captian. Shooting better is a choice and the choice is yours.
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Ben Husthwaite's Method Star

Ben Husthwaite has coached and mentored over ten world champions, nemerous European and national champions, as well as helping recreational shooters achieve their personal best.ben's Method Star will give you the necessary tools to take your game to the next level.
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Focus Movement Faith

Whether you are an aspiring Master Class competitor, weekend shooter or an improving bird hunter, National Champion and Master Shotgun Coach Don Currie will instantly propel your shotgunning to the next level and beyond. As an Orvis Wingshooting School Instructor, NSCA and NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor and authority on The Churchill Method, Don distills the secrets of instinctive shotgunning down to three simple elements essential for crushing targets on the clays course: FOCUS, MOVEMENT and FAITH.

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Pat Lieske's Systematic Approach to Sporting Clays

Pat Lieske is recognized as one of the smoothest shotgunners in the world. With a list of accomplishments including 15 time All-American. Pat’s simple and unique three step method incorporates solid shooting technique, proper target analysis and focused practice. Utilizing this method, you will find consistency and victory much easier to attain, regardless of the difficulty of the course. With Pat’s smooth and controlled move to the target, you will discover a connection to the target that will formulate control and an effortless break each and every pair.

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Todd Bender's Championship Doubles

Todd Bender, one of the best Doubles shooters in sport, shoots at night under the best lighted skeet fields in the country, to graphically represent his well refined techniques developed over 40 years of competing and coaching the sport. This new DVD features new viewing angles, more comprehensive and detailed discussions on the mechanics of shooting Skeet Doubles, with insights on all of the elements necessary to be successful in winning at Doubles. Todd also discusses new information on how the eyes work in Doubles, to help the beginner, all the way to those competing at the World Championships. Now the best coaching DVDs available are clearer and more concise than ever.

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Be Your Own Coach in Sporting Clays, the Woolley Way

      Most shooting organizations recognize the difference between an instructor and a coach. An instructor, instructs on how something should be done, a coach on the other hand looks at someone perform and then points out mistakes and gives advice on how to resolve the problem. Many times they will give exercises that will help make the proper process become natural and repeatable.
     This is what “Be Your Own Coach” is all about, John helps  you examine your shooting, identify shortcomings  and ways to correct the problem .  You may recognize some of your weaknesses as John works with a shooter with many faults. John explains his shortcomings and how they will affect his shooting.  John then demonstrates the proper execution and offers exercises that will help you improve your scores and enjoyment.

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Paul Giambrone's, The Mental Game and Skeet Doubles

Once you have solid fundamentals in your singles game, we know the rest is mental focus and executing doubles in a pressured environment.  This new DVD gives you Paul Giambrone, III’s method of shooting skeet doubles and how it can be applied to your game.  This doubles method will show you how to win championships and have the mind set to be successful.  Paul is the only shooter to ever post a perfect season in doubles (2009) and currently holds the long-run record at 952 (2008-2010).. Do you think he can help your doubles game?
    Paul also brings in his mental coach, Bob Palmer, for discussion of techniques to improve your mental game.  Bob gave Paul several tools to work with which helped Paul have his best season ever!  In Paul’s 2012 skeet season, he posted the second highest HOA average in history and shot 4-400X400s including one 400 with the .410!  Paul and Bob both discuss exercises and some common questions and answers to help you improve your mental game.
    Paul is a certified NSSA Master Level Instructor and has been instructing students for many years.  He has over 20 years of experience in the game and can help you get to the next level. 

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Leo Harrison lll, The Biggest Winner

Over 40 years of competitive trapshooting has taught me what it takes to be an All American Champion. This DVD pulls together a collection of my personal proven techniques to help you consistently shoot "Singles for the Glory" and "Handicap for the Gold"
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Leo Harrison, Doubles Techniques and My Mental Game

This DVD delivers an insight into Leo's mental process. Preparation, concentration and performance under pressure are topics that become increasingly essential as your competitive level rises.

Also included in this DVD is a station by station analysis of Leo's doubles techniques. Using the EYE-Cam and over the shoulder camera shots, you too can see Leo's viewpoints for each pair, so you can shoot Doubles for Fun".


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